The funny side of Dyslexia?

1st April 2021

This post is for April Fools Day! No, its not a joke just an observation. But what are the origins of the day? I didn’t know so I looked it up and it seems no one knows for sure. There are a lot of theories as described in the CBBC Newsround article:

The first of April some do say,

Is set apart for All Fools’ Day;

But why the people call it so

Nor I, nor they themselves, do know…

18th century folk rhyme

“The earliest concrete records we have about 1st April are from France and Holland in the 1500s and, because of this, people believe that it must have been a northern European tradition that spread to Britain,It is actually known as April Fish Day in some areas of Europe. People think this is because there are a lot of fish in French streams and rivers around 1st April, and they are easy to catch – foolish fish!”

Andrea Livesey, a historian

But that’s just one theory……

What ever you believe, it has been known as a day where practical jokes are played for a long time. So good luck with the jokes you are planning to play or hopefully you can laugh at any harmless jokes played on you.

One person who is well known to make people laugh is Eddie Izzard. A Comedian, Actor and Activist who celebrates what makes him different.

If you want to know a little bit more about the man himself I would urge you to read this A to Z list ……

It also seems an ideal opportunity to practice the alphabet sequence!

From dyslexia to Dickens: An A-Z of one of the nation's most innovative comedians, actors and activists

Eddie Izzard is also dyslexic but was not diagnosed until his 30s. Apparently it was a fan at the end of one of his shows who asked whether he was dyslexic because “he sounded dyslexic the way he talked,” that prompted him to be tested.

He is a determined individual, a “sideways thinker” who believes his dyslexia has helped him be more creative.

Eddie has pledged his support to a friend who founded the Driver Youth Trust, now a national charity who’s mission statement is:

Far too many young people leave school with inadequate literacy skills. Young people with SEND make up a significant proportion of these learners. We need to invest in schools and teachers so that they become the catalyst to facilitate systemic change.” Chris Rossiter, CEO

The Driver Youth Trust, a national charity that develops programmes, conducts research, supports schools and influences policy. On it’s website there are also resources for schools and parents. Have a look…

One of their suggestions is for parents to discuss the story of a book a child has read and think of connected words. As the A to Z of Eddie Izzard demonstrates, think of words beginning with each letter from the alphabet.

The Easter holidays are upon us and spring has begun! A season which encourages hope and new beginnings, something we all probably need right now.

Talking about Eddie Izzard, I have the film ‘Six minutes to midnight‘ earmarked for a weekend watch.

RobinStyle photos

Enjoy the holiday weekend, the sun and the spring flowers. And if someone does play a harmless prank, hope it makes you smile.

It’s a short and sweet post this week, I am off to enjoy the sunshine whilst it is making an appearance!

I am halfway through my challenge of writing a post each week for a year! If you have any ideas or suggestions for future posts please let me know.

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